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Thanh long đỏ

Thanh long đỏ
Thông tin sản phẩm

Dragon Fruit, of the Hycocereus undatus family (a vine-like cactus), is known by several names including pitaya and pitahaya fruit.

Times of harvest

January, February, March, April, June, July, August, September, November, December

Standard packing type

Drum: 260kgs net

Carton box: 10 - 20kgs

Plastic pail: 18kgs

*Packed in two PE bag in 220 litre head open drum, frozen




  1. Colour

    Deep pink ((#EE1289 - #CD1076) / Milky white

  2. Odor and flavor

    Characteristics of red dragon Fruit

  3. Brix

    32.0 (uncorrected)

  4. Acid (as Citric Acid) (%)

    0.3 – 1.0

  5. pH

    3.5 – 5.5

  6. Black spot (from seed, w/w)

    Max. 0.5%